The Col. Mohammed Jamal bin Inche I M Salleh is a former officer of the
Malaysian Armed Forces serving in the defense intelligence division. In the year of 1995, he was offered the position of general manager of Desaru Golf & Country Resort. In 2002, he was offered consisting of Desaru Golden Beach Hotel, Desaru Holiday Chalet and Desaru Golf & country resort until 2010.Currently, he has served in Desaru Development Corporation and is still in the field of Hospitality and Tourism.

In addition, he also actively associates and holds important positions in several tourism associations. until now he is very active in the association
and is the Chairman of the Johor Golf Tourism Association (JGTA), Colonel also a former President of the Malaysian Golf Club Managers Association
(GCMAM), Deputy Chairman of the Johor Golf Association (JGA), Malaysian
Golf Association (MGA) Committee and a member of the National Tourism
Council of Malaysia (NTCM) Committee and Tourism Action Council Committee Member Johore state.

Apart from that, Colonel(B) Mohd Jamal is also incharge as the Managing
Director of Flintstone Palace for the Construction Project in Flintstone
Palace Mersing, Johor.