Qul Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is recognized by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) as a G7 construction company obtained the Sijil Perolehan Kerja Kerajaan (SPKK-G7). We registered with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Bahagian Pembangunan Kontraktor Dan Usahawan (BPKU) as Bumiputera company. Qul Holdings Sdn. Bhd. has been accredited ISO 9001: 2015.

Our primary objective is to minimize our environmental footprint and deliver responsible transportation infrastructure that enhances the experience of the natural surroundings, and promotes the long-term sustainability of our environment.

As such, we are committed to integrating sustainability throughout all our business practices and to considering sustainable approaches for the delivery of all works. We also strongly believe that developing a better understanding of all aspects of sustainability of any given product or process leads to improvements in the selection of the final design solution for a project.

Our sustainability and environmental policies and management systems are therefore dedicated to the preservation and protection of the natural environment, and continual compliance with all environmental regulations and government laws and codes.



• Maintains a position as a market-leading and competitive,
motivated and integrated business
• Establish and maintain high standards and superior performance in
all projects undertaken
• Provide construction materials and products that meet the quality
and specifications of the construction industry
• Carrying out mutually beneficial cooperation and carrying out work
over time.


• Making Qul Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd a leading player in the
construction sector and create a global reputation.
• Trusted in the industry in delivering a commitment to excellence
and value.
• Realization and be the foremost leader and best in meeting the
high demand in various sectors to support the country’s economic